Pezoj Por Taylormade SIM2 & SIM2 Max Golf Driver Fairway
Pezoj Por Taylormade SIM2 & SIM2 Max Golf Driver Fairway

Pezoj Por Taylormade SIM2 & SIM2 Max Golf Driver Fairway

Regula prezo $19.99
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Ronda Pezo
Nur 97 eroj en stoko!

Pezoj Por Taylormade SIM2 & SIM2 Max Golf Driver

Ronda pezo kaj Malantaŭa pezo haveblaj, Ronda Pezo ankaŭ taŭgas por la FWs.

Agordu Vian Propran Svingan Pezon, 2g al Svinga pezo-alĝustigo


Bonvolu mendi WRENCH por forigi la ŝraŭbon, Wrench venis kun Driver estas T25 grandeco, kaj pezoŝraŭbo estas T20 grandeco.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Greg Beckwith

Everything is always on time or early and all their stuff is top notch!

Elliot Slater
Missing Pieces

Everything has come besides those weights I ordered for Sim2 and the Collar Case!!

SIM2 Back weight doesn't fit lefty clubs

Bought a round weight, and a back weight for my SIM2. Round weight fits fine, no issues there! But the back weight does not fit. I'm a lefty. Nowhere on the site does it say the weight is "for right handed clubs only", or "does not fit left handed clubs". Did not know they were different depending on dexterity, freakin Taylormade. Should have done more research on my end before purchasing but would have been nice if the product description mentioned it. Just letting people know so no one else gets burned like I did. I emailed in and they offered me a $5 refund toward purchase. Kind of laughable but I'll just keep it and eat my loss. Maybe a busy will need it someday.

Tom Goosmann
Great find

Though you do have to wait since supplies ship from China, All-Fit has hard to find supplies and is simple to use.

Aaron Cowie
Great Service

Very fast service….I ordered the wrong one which was my fault but the service was very quick.